Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello girls and ghouls, Zombie Jon here!  Though, I just realized it may be redundant to say "Zombie" Jon, if most of my readers are also zombies.  Will the living world even understand what I have to talk about?

Unlife has been interesting to say the least since Steve and I met.  I didn't have a flatmate before, so that's a bonus.  (I'm not British.  I just watch a lot of British TV, so their slang gets thrown in there.  Don't worry, I won't start spelling color "colour" on you.)  Plus, now I always have a pair of scissors handy.  Haha.

But really, who can complain about getting to play online games and watch TV all day, and not needing to exercise anymore.  Much.  They call it preternatural strength.  Yeah, the rules are a little different in the world of the undead.

More later.  It's raid time!

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