Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Day

It is too hot today!  I know, all you zombies living in Florida or Indiana or something like that, you're used to hot, humid weather.  I don't know how your skin takes the humidity.  No wonder you have to go out brain gathering so often.

We're just sitting around the apartment today, WoW'ing and taking it easy.  Central air is broken, wouldn't you know it.  I hear the land lord is on it.  He knows an apartment full of discontent zombies is not too favorable.  My PvP is totally off today.  I've been in mostly winning battle grounds, just by virtue of being in the Horde.  But despite my relatively good resilience rating, I keep getting pwned, mostly by human paladins.

Which does nothing for quelling my appetite for human brains.

Anyhow, Steve got out the ice cream maker and we're going to make some chilled cerebellum ice cream.  Sounds redundant, I know, but it's awesome.  Put a little rum in there and mmmm...

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